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Word of the Day

We are going to continue with the drill I showed yesterday with a new twist.

We are going to do this drill with the suffix -t added to our verb as well as the suffix -wapka.

The suffix  -t adds the meaning to the sentence of: “can.” The suffix “-wapka” adds the meaning of “will” to our sentence.

ni yayna sle-a becomes ni yayna sle-at I can see the mountain.

ni yayna slewapka has the meaning of: I will see the mountain.

ni _____  sle-at   and ni _____ slewapka, are the new sentence structures to work with. Now add as many nouns as well as colors to this structure and translate the sentences.

Take turns with the people you are working with. Everyone needs to do this exercise over and over again. When you get tired of this sentence, change something and carry on. Your family groups can spend the time you practice each day doing this. You will get smooth at saying the sentences. You will not have to put effort on doing it. Just do the sentences over and over for the time you have put aside for the group. The amount of time and the effort you put into the exercise will pay off. Put in a little effort and you will get a little gain. Put in alot of effort and you will get a larger gain. It is your choice.