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Word of the Day

We are going to take a small course change. We will be adding to our vocabulary, but we will do so with a bunch of colors.

With one exception, colors follow a repeating pattern. The first syllable of the word repeats. An example is: taktakli-the word for red.

balbali = white

taktakli = red

bosbosli = black

mecmecli = blue

yalyali = clear

beqbeqli = grey

moqmoqli = a dark purple

meqmeqli = a light purple

kawkawli = brown


When using a color, you can put it before the noun it modifies or after.

ni kawkawli lacas gi.

ni lacas kawkawli gi. I have a brown house.

Either usage is fine. Since they modify nouns, these words are adjectives. All colors are adjectives.