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Word of the Day

I thought that before we move on to another topic, it would be a good idea to have a review of what we know  or can do with these adjectives.

We can make nouns of them.

1. loslosli=warmth       The noun would be losloslis=warmth

losloslis loloksam mo dic gi. The warmth of a fire is very good!

We can make the adjective into a verb.

2. lostgi=became warm.

lacas lostgi. The house became warm.

3. We can use the adverb kecca with the adjective

ni kecca loslosli gi. I am a little bit warm.

4. We can use the adverb kecca with the verb lostgi.

ni kecca lostgi. I became a little bit warm.

5. we can use adjective with shuta to mean: made warm.

ni loslosli shuta.  I was made warm.

There are a couple more ways to use these words but this is enough for now.