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We have looked at adjectives for some time. Let’s go to nouns. Particularly nouns that become verbs.

We already know iwamla.

This is the noun iwam=huckleberry with the suffix -la which turns it into the verb which means: to collect or gather huckleberries.

This suffix can be used on most foods that people gather: fruits, seeds, even meats.

But there are a few interesting nouns with specialized meanings.

loloks=fire, loloksla=cremate

spuklis=sweat lodge, spuklisla=build a sweat lodge

ni spuklisla. I built a sweat lodge.

weka=a small baby, wekala-to give birth

hot snewets wekala. That woman had a baby.

peyala-give birth to a daughter

hot peyala. She gave birth to a daughter.

wnakla-give birth to a son

hot wnakla. She gave birth to a son.

hiswaqsla-to take a husband

snewetsla-to take a wife

This suffix even has a slightly different form for adding this suffix to verbs=-ala.