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Word of the Day

Today we will look at one of the easiest suffixes to learn. This suffix is: -yega. It is also one of the few suffixes with a Modoc counterpart. The Modoc version of this suffix is: -tampka. They both express the meaning of: begin or start -whatever the verb action is. This is a verbal suffix so it is attached to the end of the verb you are working with.

Some examples:

1. gen waytas hot qdocayega.


gen waytas hot qdocatampka. Both sentences mean: Today it  begins to rain.

2. ona sa lilhanks gankangayega. 

Or ona sa lilhanks gankangatampka.

Both sentences mean: Yesterday they began to deer hunt.

3. mbosant sa yulalona genyegawapka.


mbosant sa yulalona gentampkawapka.

Both sentences mean: Tomorrow they will begin to go to Klamath Falls.