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Word of the Day

We have been looking at some sentences lately. We will look at the same sentences in a different light.

That new light will be questions. The first question we will look at is the Yes-or-No question.

This question is made by adding the word “dal” to the beginning of the sentence and changing the subject pronoun to whoever you are addressing. Most of the time it will be “you-i.”

Our first sentence was: ni wolis gi. I have a question. Following the instruction we get:

dal i wolis gi? Do you have a question?

So, let’s make the rest of our first sentences into  questions of this type.

1. ni wac gi. I have a horse.

2. ni witem sle-a. I see a bear.

3. ni goge dicewa. I like the river.

4. ni plaikni ciya. I live in Sprague River.

5. ni cikas domna. I hear a bird.

6. ni slewqis domna. I hear the wind.