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Word of the Day

We have examined Yes/No questions. We will now look at other question types. The next question type will be: “what.”

These types of questions are made by adding the word: “dwa” to the beginning of the question. Since the question “what” refers to the object of the verb, that will be removed from the question and replaced by “dwa.” The subject of the sentence may need to be adjusted to fit the circumstance of the question.

The sentence: ni yayna sle-a. I see the mountain. It becomes:

dwa i  sle-a. What do you see?

We can now look at some of these sentences. Translate these sentences.

1.  dwa i sanauli?  ______________________________________?

2. dwa i domna? ____________________________________?

3. dwa i hemkanga? _________________________________?

4. dwa i sewa? _____________________________?

5. dwa i saywakta? __________________________?

If you have any questions, please email me and I will get right back to you.