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Word of the Day

We have been looking at questions lately. Today we will continue with the “why” question.

The way to ask a “why” question is a little different from other questions.

You add the word “waq” to the beginning of the sentence. You then place the subject of the sentence next. Then you place the word: “giok” after the subject of the question. The example will be my demonstration sentence.

We will start off with : ni yayna sle-a. I see the mountain.

waq ni giok yayna sle-a? Why do I see the mountain? This sounds like I am speaking to myself. That is possible. But we also need to adjust the subject of the question to fit the circumstances. If I am asking someone else, the pronoun will probably become “i” the pronoun for “you.” so,

waq i giok yayna sle-a? Why do you see the mountain?

Let’s try a few. Translate these questions.

1. waq i giok lilhanks pan? ___________________________?

2. waq i giok witem hemkanga? _________________________?

3. waq sa giok gembli? ___________________________?

4. waq i giok yulalona gena? ___________________________?

5. waq nad giok yawqal sle-a? __________________________?