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Word of the Day

We will look at the question “How.”

This question is made by adding the word “waq” to the beginning of the sentence and changing the pronoun to fit the circumstance.

example: ni yayna sle-a. I see the mountain. ni sle-a yayna gaw lolptga sle-a. I see the mountain with my eye.

waq i yayna sle-a? How do you see the mountain.

Translate these questions and respond to the question.

1. waq i goge domna? ___________________________? __________________________________________.

2. waq i yulalona gena? ________________________? __________________________________________.

3. waq i honks saywakta?  ___________________________?  ____________________________________.

4. waq i q-ai honks sle-a? ___________________________?  ____________________________________.

5. waq ad  mbosaksawas gena? _____________________? _______________________________.

When you ask a question “how” you are asking in what way something is done. You can answer it with a suffix that says that you do it “with or by” something.  This suffix you add onto a noun is -tga.  wactga=by horse.