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We are going to begin short stories. Reading stories is an excellent way to develop and strengthen the skills we have already learned. This story will be about Coyote. Coyote is to me a great teacher. Coyote displays many great characteristics that we do not want to copy in our life.

nas waytas was ewstala  genapga. coy hot pow wow genapga. genota, hot dom weks sle-a. coy sa honks wola,” dada i genapga?” coy hot hemkangabli,” ni liclicli kiuks gi!” weks wola,” dwa i giwapka?” coy was hemkangabli,” ni swinwapka. gaw swis mo liclicli gi.” weks hemkangabli,” swinank swis ads-as?” coy was hemkangabli,” gesga ni ads-as swina! cis gaw swis liclicli gi!” coy ad papadshatkowapka! weks honks domni wola.

We will finish the story on Monday.

What happened in the story?

Who were the characters?

What do you think will happen next?

We will finish the story Monday.

What happened?

Who were the characters?

What do you think will happen?