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Today we will finish the story we started Friday. Our story is: was coy dom weks. I am sure that this looks very challenging. If you take it one sentence at a time, it is not too bad. I know you can do it!

coy ad papadshatkowapka! domni dom weks wola, “swinank, swinank, swinank, swinank

ads-as. getak  was mo dic shepelpelatko humasht gi. coy he ni gaw swis ads-as swina, ad

kelamcawapka ampka ad papadshatko giok gaw swis ket liclicli gi. coy dom weks

kelamca coy cawaya was swina. was swinayega coy kapca sas coy nosdat sas wdopkayega.

nosdat wdopkank, was weks wilisikdat shulha. coy hot wonipni weks wilisikdat shulha at

coy tapini weks kimbaksdat  kecca nadshiga. coy hot hema,” was nads

siuga, was nads siuga, was nads siuga!” coy hot honccna. nanok weks honccna. was cis

gena coy weksam litgi pas pan.

1. papadshatkowapka-verb-will go totally blind

2. swinank-please sing

3. getak=finally

4. dic shepelpelatko=slyly

5. kelamcawapka=must close your eyes (pg. 126 G.)

6. kapca=go behind (pg. 119 G.)

7. wdopka=hit (pg. 582 G.)

8. shulha=shove into, put into

9. tapini=last

10. kimbaks=line, file

11. nadshiga=open just one eye

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