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The single most important suffix used in the Klamath language is the -is suffix added to verbs to make what are called-agent nouns. This means the person who does the action of the verb. In English there are agent nouns. These are things like teacher, librarian and speaker. There is an agent noun for every verb in Klamath. This is the “-is” suffix.

The verb gena makes it’s agent noun by adding the “-is” suffix. This verb generally means “to go.” These agent nouns can best be made by the addition of the “-er” suffix in English. Sometimes there are special word that can express this better. If we follow this pattern, we get “goer” for genis. gena can also be used to express the idea of travelling and that means that the noun “genis” could mean “traveler.”

Sometimes you will have to translate the new noun as a phrase. The suffix in English does provide a good word if you just add the -er suffix. A good example is the verb dyema. If you add the -is suffix, you will get  dyemis. This noun is not easily translated, but you can say: ” a hungry person” for dyemis.

For most of these nouns, you can always make the sentence: ni ____ gi. I am  a _____.

ni genis gi. I am a traveler.

For the following verbs, make the “-is” nouns and use it in a sentence.

example: domna + -is=domnis. ni domnis gi. I am a listener.

1. ambodga + -is=___________.  ________________________________________.

2. sidyayka + -is= ____________. ________________________________________.

3. hemkanga + is= ____________.  ______________________________________.

4. gattka + -is= ______________. _______________________________________.

5. shuta + -is= _______________. _______________________________________.

6. hoccna + -is+ ____________. ________________________________________.

7. honccna + -is= ___________. ________________________________________.

8. celga + -is= ____________. __________________________________________.

9. gankanga + -is= __________. _______________________________________.

10. gmoca + -is= ____________. _______________________________________.