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We are going to be changing gears-somewhat. We have amassed enough information so that we can begin to use that in speaking. We will enter an atmosphere of speaking Klamath. You can do this now.

I will give you an English sentence and you can put it into Klamath and continue on to make that sentence into a question and answer it.

Make a sentence.

Turn to a person/group of people you are working with.

Say your sentence.

You can go any direction you want. If you are working in a group, go to the left or right. If you are working with one other person, it is not hard to choose.

After you have said your sentence, the next person gets to make a question of it.

There are at least 6 types of questions we have made.

The next person gets to answer the question.

The next person gets to make another question-and so on until you run out of possibilities.

The next person states a sentence…….

In the beginning this may go very slowly. But as you practice it, you will get better at it. That is kind of the reason we practice stuff, isn’t it?

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