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Word of the Day

We will be moving on to a new topic. That topic will be noun suffixes. Today’s 5 suffixes are the most used and seen suffixes. Word order is also very important as the subject and object nouns can look very similar.

                              S + O + V.

The standard word order is Subject +  Object  + Verb

Subjects are expressed by -s.

1. example: lilhanks wacak sle-a. ___________________________________.

Objects are emphatically expressed by -as.

2. wacak lilhanksas sle-a. ____________________________________.

Possession is expressed by -am.

3. nil lilhanksam mecmecli gi. ___________________________________.

nil=fur, hair, skin

4.  A part of something is expressed by -ti. A part of a pig is pork, bacon, ham=gosoti.

hot lilhanksti dic masa. __________________________________.


5. The location in, at, on is expressed by -dat.

lilhanks yaynadat gi. _____________________________________.