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Word of the Day

Last night in the Zoom Meeting there was a request to cover “family.” In Klamath family is a vast work. We are starting to get comfortable making sentences and should not deviate from that. But we can incorporate the names of family members into the sentences we are making.

pkolip=mother’s mother=maternal grandmother

pkasap=mother’s father=maternal grandfather



bloksip=father’s father=paternal grandfather

ptewip=father’s mother

nocna=passed, gone to the ancestral home in the West

noli=set=used with the sun. So, the sentence is: sabas noli. The sun is setting.

nolis is the human spirit after death.

nolisgeni=the Spirit Land

The way to say I have _______. ni ____ gi. In the blank put the relationship that you have. I spoke to _________. Put the family relationship in the blank.

ni gaw____ hemkanga.

I spoke with my _________. Put the family relationship in the blank.

ni dola gaw _________ hemkanga.

Please make these sentences and share them with your family in your family language sessions. Then share them in our Zoom Meeting next Wednesday.