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Word of the Day

Today we will tackle a pretty challenging topic but a useful one. This is the verb “hoslta.”  The sentences we are going to learn are responses to the question: waq i hoslta? How do you feel?

The attachment is a selection of possible answers to that question. The big issue is that this verb requires us to use the noun made from the verbs.

An example is: I feel tired. The verb this word-gejiga- comes from is: gejigis when used with hoslta. This noun has the same meaning. It is made by removing the final vowel of the verb-“a.” Then the suffix -is is added. So we end up with the word gejigis.

ni gejigis hoslta. I feel tired.

The attachment has numerous possible responses to this question. Have fun with it.

Please go to the tribal email for the document.