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Word of the Day

This week we will be working with the verb “hoslta.” With this verb we have to make the 1st noun. We do this by adding the suffix -is to the verb after deleting the final vowel (“a”  or “i”).

I Feel All of these are the responses to the question: waq i hoslta? How do you feel? qoyewa-sad—- ni qoyewis hoslta. I feel sad.

sidyayka-happy—-ni sidyaykis hoslta. I feel happy.

gattka-cold—–ni gattkis hoslta. I feel cold.

loslosli-warm—ni losloslis hoslta. I feel warm.

gelpka-be hot—ni gelpkis hoslta. I feel hot.

gejiga-tired—ni gejigis hoslta. I feel tired.

dic-good—ni dic hoslta. I feel good.

wiccna-anxious—ni wiccnis hoslta. I feel anxious.

gmoca-old—ni gmocis hoslta. I feel old.

teyn-new—ni teynis hoslta. I feel new.

hostga=scare—ni hostgis hoslta.

we-as sitko- like a child—ni we-as sitko hoslta. I feel like a child.

I feel… (2)

The final example is used with normal nouns when you want to say: I feel like ____.

Any standard noun goes in this blank.

Please make some sentences. Substitute other pronouns for the pronoun meaning I.

This is what we will be doing in the Wednesday zoom meeting this week.