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Word of the Day.

Today we are going to continue our examination of the suffix -tkis. This suffix is added to verbs to make nouns used to make the verb action happen.

gankanga is the Klamath verb meaning to hunt. Remember that this noun doesn’t have just one meaning. There will be a group of possible meanings because a verb can have , many things that are used to make the verb action happen.

For example: can you list that you use to go hunting? Those are the things that gankangotkis can mean. The most common meaning of gankangotkis is: rifle. There is a Klamath noun that means a gun. It is loloksgis. Clearly this noun is made from the word loloks=fire. This word probably is an early contact word and referred to the flintlock-an earl rifle. I have seen black powder guns and they would be loloksgis. gankangotkis would be the modern version of a rifle.

ni gankangotkis gi. I have a rifle.