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In Loving Memory, Buddy Parazoo

In Loving Memory,


Buddy Parazoo was born June 28, 1940, at the Klamath Agency near Chiloquin, Oregon. He was an enrolled member of the Klamath Tribes. He was born to Floyd Bud Parazoo and Cassie Ball Parazoo.  As a young man he attended Sacred Heart and Saint Mary’s Catholic boarding schools, he then went on to art school in Portland Oregon. While living in Portland he attended many car shows and was known to race cars whenever he could. Over the years Buddy perfected his artistic craft to include drawing, painting with watercolor and acrylics, as well as his famous bone jewelry. He is well known all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond for his crafts and his BIG personality. He would always be seen at Powwows with his jewelry case in hand and he didn’t hesitate to show the items he had for trade or for sale. Regardless he always had an amazing story that went along with each piece.

Buddy was an avid fisherman and an outdoorsman who loved to share his knowledge with the younger generation. He gave special attention to the younger ones sharing stories and instructing them on family and cultural teachings. He always made his nieces and nephews special gifts and let them know they came from strong people.

 He would always be joking with the boys saying, “Look at that hubba hubba.” He would also joke and tell the boys, “You were the short guy at the bar smoking cigars, looking at the girls with the big boom booms.”  He would tell the girls, “I heard you’re getting married.” He would making them blush… and just let them know he was always watching out for them.

I think we can all agree he was most famous for giving each and every one of us nick names. Some of them we shall keep to ourselves because the stories behind them may incriminate some of us. Buddy had a special relationship with all his siblings and wanted to send a special message for Bonjo, Mike,  Pitriver Pete and Shannon.  He wanted them to know he will always be their ‘Big Brother’ and not to act like a bunch of  Sissies.

There are so many memories that we shared with Uncle Bud… too many to mention.  So we send you on your journey home, we just ask for you to say ‘Hi’ to our relatives in the sky.

Rest easy Hog Smasher. Gone to the fishing hole IN THE SKY NOVEMBER 23, 2021.

Buddy is survived by his sisters and brothers, Yvonne Parazoo, Michael Parazoo, Pit River Pete Parazoo, and Shannon Parazoo.  Numerous nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephews, and great greats. He was proceeded in death by his Father, Floyd Bud Parazoo, Mother, Cassie Ball Parazoo, Brothers, Joe Parazoo and James Riddle. Sisters, Shirley Ann Parazoo and Sherry Gayle Parazoo.

Services for Buddy Parazoo were held by the family on December 18, 2021 in Chiloquin, Oregon.

Obituary information submitted for publication by Candi Parazoo.