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Word of the Day

We had a very good session last night on Zoom. We made three prayers I would like to pass on for everyone to use who would like to.

1. A prayer before going to bed.

Creator, thank you for the day!

blaidalkni, sepkeca gen waytasas.

2. A prayer before eating.

Thank you Creator for the food, for the family and for the friends!

blaidalkni, pasas sepkeca wewe-asaltko-as coy sawaline-as!

3. A prayer for a community gathering.

Creator, Please bless this gathering!

blaidalkni, hesyalyali-ank gen shukulkis!

4. A prayer for someone needing extra prayers-maybe sick or injured.

Creator, Please bless the sick in our community and keep us safe!

blaidalkni, hesyalyali-ank masis nalam mepoksat coy heslepkank!

5. A prayer thanking the Creator for a new day.

Creator, thank you for the new day!

blaidalkni, sepkeca te-ini waytasas!