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Today we will continue with early language work. Language lessons have existed since there was more than one language. People wanted to learn that other language. Since the earliest days of language learning they have found that repetition is a common element of all successful language programs. Few people want to go through the repetitive process of learning another language. The best way to learn a language is to move to where that language is the only mode of communication. If you do that, and survive, you will be able to speak that language well. We really don’t have that option. So, we have begun a program to create that environment. It is a program I call “Reclaiming Your Language.” Basically, you start 5 minutes a day sitting down with your family and in that time, you only use Klamath. Every week that goes by, you increase the time you spend speaking only Klamath, as you receive more information and can spend more time learning the language. After a little more than 2 years, you become a smooth, speaker of Klamath. I would strongly recommend this practice. It requires that you have a strong desire to speak Klamath. Because “the ball is in your court-as it were.” You are the one receiving the benefit not me. There is a family taking a serious attempt at this program and I feel that they will continue. If you are very serious about learning Klamath. Contact me to begin this program. It does require several family members participate as everyone in the family is the support network for everyone.