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Word of the Day

Today we are going to look at making basic sentences. In a day or so, we will take these basic sentences to the next level of sentence complexity.

We will start out with some easy sentences to give people a feeling of accomplishment. Because after all, sentence making in Klamath has not been done in a long time.

1. sle-a to see.

We will look at sentence structures connected to these verbs.

ni _______ sle-a. I see _______. Whatever you put into the blank is what you see.

Into the blank we can put any noun or color.

yayna, witem, lilhanks, posis, wacak, wac, kols. giwas, maksa, yawqal, goge, wiqwiqs, sabas, naka taktakli, gekgekli, balbali, bosbosli, mecmecli, woyganks, …

2. In the 2nd sentence structure, we will use the verb domna=to hear.

With this verb we can use anything that you can hear.

ni _______ domna. I hear  ______. Whatever you put into the blank is what you hear.

goge, wacak, posis, wac, lilhanks, slewis, qdocis, kes, yayna, lagi jigen, witem, naka, yawqal, yamas, kyem, cikas, …

We will look at some more similar sentence structures tomorrow.