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Word of the Day

Now, we have made some rapid fire sentences. We are doing to continue that but with a slight addition. After every sentence, we will turn it into a “yes/no” question.

By adding the word “dal” to your sentences, you are asking a yes or no question. You also have to change the pronoun to “i” as you are speaking to another person.

ni wacak sle-a. dal i wacak sle-a? I see the dog. Do you see the dog?

ni qcol sle-a. dal i qcol sle-a? I see the star. Do you see the star?

ni galo sle-a. dal i galo sle-a.  I see the sky. Do you see the sky?

Continue on. Remember that repetition is the friend of the language learner. It may seem dry to you but you are making a conversation.