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Word of the Day

This week we will be examining the suffix-otkis. This is a suffix attached to verbs to make nouns. This noun means: the tool, instrument or the thing utilized to make the meaning of the verb happen. This suffix does not create one noun but usually a group of nouns as usually more than one item can make the verb happen.

An example is: sle-a + -otkis=sle-otkis. What is used to make the action of this verb happen?

The tool, instrument or the thing that makes the act of seeing take place.

1. a pair of glasses

2. a microscope

3. a telescope

4. a spy glass

5. a magnifying glass

I am sure that other items would qualify. This is just a quick list of items that came to mind while I was writing this.  Normally the context of the conversation would indicate the item intended.

humasht ni e-algat, ni sle-otkis gi. So I can read, I have a pair of glasses.